9 Best Ways To Maintain Your Audi e-tron Battery

The Audi e-tron battery is the most important component of your car. It provides power to the vehicle’s computer and electrical system. As such, it should be well-maintained so that you can get the best performance from your car. Here are four ways on how to maintain a Audi e-tron battery for optimum performance:

1) Do not exceed a charge of over 80% on average for everyday usage

In order to maintain the Audi e-tron battery, it is important that you do not exceed a charge of over 80% on an average daily basis. Exceeding this level will lead to the degradation of your car’s performance and longevity. Therefore, never let your vehicle charge more than 80% on a daily basis.

If you are planning a long journey, feel free to fully charge your battery. Also, if you are using your car for high-performance activities, it is recommended to charge the battery up to 100%.

If your Audi e-tron battery has been discharged due to unforeseen circumstances such as a power outage or accident. It is important that you fully recharge the battery before driving again.

This will ensure that there are no impacts you should note that the battery has a limited capacity. The best time to recharge is when your charge level reaches 20%.

2) If your Audi e-tron hasn’t moved in over 12 hours, maintain a charge between 30% and 80%

If the car is not being used, it’s best to keep a charge between 30% and 80%. The key reason for this is that if you go below 20%, then there will be an impact on battery life. However, if your vehicle has been turned off and hasn’t moved in over 12 hours – don’t worry about it.

This is only a general rule of thumb and it can’t always be expected that your vehicle will be used exactly at this interval.

This is because there are so many other factors that contribute to battery life, and it’s important to remember what a good rule of thumb can offer for general maintenance purposes.

3) Use the charge timer in your Audi e-tron if you need to charge to 100% battery capacity

When you need to charge your battery, it’s important that you use the charge timer. This is because if you don’t know how long the vehicle has been turned off for and whether or not your battery was discharged below 20% – then there will be a negative impact on battery life.

Using the charge manager feature is important as it will ensure that the battery is optimally charged and you don’t overcharge your Audi e-tron.

This way, this won’t be an issue in the long term.

The charge timer on the Audi e-tron can be accessed via the touchscreen inside your vehicle.

4) When charging your Audi e-tron away from home, use apps to check for CCS charging

You will want to use CCS charging when charging away from home. This is because it has a higher voltage and will charge your battery faster.

You can check for CCS charging with an app, such as the Chargepoint app to find the closest place that offers fast charging at any given time of day

5) Take your Audi e-tron for regular, short drives

Taking your Audi e-tron for a short drive every day will help keep the battery in top shape. Just don’t forget to charge it!

Short journeys will ensure that your battery will get regular exercise.

This will ensure that your battery gets regular exercise and stays in good condition. The best way to maintain a Audi e-tron is to take care of it!

Remember: short daily drives are key to Audi e-tron battery maintenance.

6) Don’t rapid charge your Audi e-tron often

Rapid charging can quickly shorten the lifespan of your battery by causing complete charge cycles, which wear it down.

Don’t go over about an hour in length with a rapid charger as this will reduce its life span and cause your Audi e-tron battery to degrade quicker than necessary. 

7) Keep your Audi e-tron battery cool

Just as you would for your smartphone, try to keep the battery of your Audi e-tron car cool.

This will help it last longer and remain in good shape! Battery life span is significantly reduced when they are exposed to high heat levels. If possible, avoid parking in direct sunlight and instead, park under a shady tree or in the shade.

8) Don’t immediately charge your Audi e-tron after a long drive

This is because it will shorten the lifespan of your Audi e-tron battery.

Instead, wait an hour before charging so that you can let the battery cool down and come back to its normal temperature level. This is important for both new batteries as well as those with significant mileage on them! If possible, try to wait an hour or so if possible.

9) Don’t regularly fully deplete your Audi e-tron battery

It is recommended that you only drive until your Audi e-tron battery reaches about 40% so that it doesn’t fully deplete. This will help to keep the charge level higher for longer and thus, optimize its lifetime!

If possible, try not to let your Audi e-tron battery reach 0%. If this happens regularly the cells in the battery pack will start to degrade significantly.


In this blog post, we have listed the nine best ways to maintain your Audi e-tron battery for optimum performance and longevity.

The Audi e-tron has a fantastic driving range and a great design. It’s easy to forget about the battery when you’re driving around in a car that is so good!