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Best Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler – Buyers Guide

Of all the electric vehicles out there, Tesla is far and away the best when it comes to producing EVs with a sporty vibe. They don’t look like Ferraris mind you, but they don’t exactly look like electric vehicles either. It doesn’t take more than a simple add-on spoiler to heighten the sense of style either.

For those who want a sportier-looking Tesla, there are a host of options out there—so we did you a favor and brought the best to you. The Tesla Model 3 in particular, is the most popular Tesla Model on the market today.

So, it stands to reason that there are a ton of spoiler options specifically designed for the Model 3. Tesla’s own aftermarket spoiler got everyone excited until they announced it would cost a mind-boggling $800. Fortunately, there are some great options out there at a portion of the cost.

Before we get into the full reviews here are our top two picks based on your budget.


Bomely – Tesla Model 3 Spoiler (Most Recommended)

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Despite the inclusion of some great rear spoiler choices for your Tesla Model 3, including Tesla’s very own model, the Bomely Model 3 Rear Spoiler simply checks all of the boxes with a little more enthusiasm than the rest of the rear spoilers on our list.

It’s a very affordable spoiler and, despite the fact that it’s not true carbon fiber, it’s a highly durable, long-lasting material that is very easy to install. It’s very low profile yet highly effective as far as performance improvements are concerned. You really can’t go wrong choosing the Bomely as it is a dependable, effective, and long-lasting spoiler.

Xipoo – Tesla Model 3 Spoiler (Most Recommended Budget Spoiler)

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The Xipoo is unique on our list and not just because of its weird name and pronunciation. It has better durability and adhesiveness than the BASENOR and has a more aggressive profile, with its notched edges and sleek design.


Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler Reviews

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler Gen 2

The BASENOR Gen 2 spoiler is designed to fit all Tesla Model 3s from 2016 to 2022 and it’s considered to be a pretty low-profile spoiler. It fits so well, that it’s hard to think of the BASENOR spoiler as an aftermarket add-on that is not a part of the Model 3.

It only comes in Matte Black but since Tesla Model 3s are pretty limited in color as well, it will fit right in with any of them. It comes with a textured finish and a thin but wide design. Don’t let the inauspicious nature of the BASENOR fool you, as it has noticeable effects on the performance of the Model 3.

The subtle design of the BASENOR harnesses the air passing over the vehicle to push your rear tires down, improving the overall grip and balance. Anytime you improve your vehicle’s ability to grip the highway, it conserves gas. In Tesla’s case, it conserves energy, so you get more out of your battery than what you’re used to.

One of the knocks against the BASENOR is that it’s not carbon fiber. While that may be an issue with other spoilers, BASENOR’s ABS plastic spoiler is more than up to the challenge. Its highly impact resistant and installs seamlessly.

If there is a glaring complaint about the BASENOR, it’s that it may start to separate itself from the trunk as the adhesive ages. You can solve this problem by purchasing something a little more heavy-duty, such as better adhesive tape.
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AffordableAdhesive may not last
BASENOR is a trusted brand
Noticeable control improvements
Saves Energy
Nice, streamlined design
Easy to install

Bomely Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

Another affordable and non-carbon fiber spoiler that is quite popular among Tesla Model 3 owners is the Bomely Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler. The Bomely is custom designed for the Model 3 and is manufactured with high impact-resistant ABS plastic, just like the BASENOR.

Also, like the BASENOR, the Bomely has a really low-profile aesthetic that may be low in terms of visibility but adds an edge to the rear of the Model 3 that improves the visual appeal. As a rear spoiler should be, it’s highly functional and works well to improve grip on the highway, as well as the overall balance of the car.

If there’s one thing that any EV owner wants, its distance and longevity on the battery, especially if frequent trips or vacations are an effort in terms of finding superchargers along the route. The Bomely isn’t going to solve that problem, but it will get your EV a little farther down the road, thanks to the energy savings it provides.

Bomely encourages new spoiler owners not to install this spoiler if the outside temperature is below 50°F. Apparently, the adhesive that Bomely provides loses much of its strength when the temperature drops. Your best bet is to buy and install in the summer or pull it into the garage to warm up first.

A hairdryer is another good idea to warm up the lip of the trunk before attempting to install the spoiler. You may also consider purchasing a stronger adhesive, such as the above-mentioned Gorilla Glue adhesive tape.

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Attractive matte black aestheticIncluded adhesive isn't the best
Improves driving performance
Saves energy
Very affordable
Offers multiple finishes

Xipoo Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

The Xipoo is one of those weird situations where the actual result matches the name. If you could describe this spoiler, the word Xipoo would be right at home. Of the first three spoilers on our list, this one is the largest, with a sleek, double-notched design that looks impressive.

It also comes with a far superior adhesive that lasts, however, there are some consumer reports out there that say the adhesive comes dried up in the bottle. That’s not the case for everyone, not even close, but it does seem to be a rare but recurring thing.

Although the Xipoo is marketed as carbon fiber, it’s not really made out of carbon fiber, but a high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Unfortunately, that’s another small knock against the Xipoo, despite the fact that it is an otherwise excellent spoiler option for the Tesla Model 3.

In terms of functionality, everything that you would expect to get from a solid spoiler is here, with improved performance on the road, increased grip and balance, improved aerodynamics, and savings on energy. It’s also very easy to install, which is another big point in its favor.

No one wants to struggle to get a nice spoiler on and the Xipoo doesn’t disappoint in that arena. According to Xipoo, their adhesive is weaker at temperatures under 68°F, which doesn’t leave customers much leeway. Fortunately, if you apply it at the right time, this adhesive lasts much longer and holds better than much of the competition.

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Nice, aggressive design Not really carbon fiber
Adhesive holds very wellAdhesive has a small window for placement
High-impact resistant
Very affordable
Comes in black and carbon fiber (aesthetic-only offerings)

MELIPRON Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

Like the Xipoo, the MELIPRON Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler comes with a dual-notch look and has a glossy black aesthetic that really shines. It fits all Model 3s from 2017 to 2022 and is manufactured out of high-quality, ABS Plastic.

It’s a decidedly sporty look and that’s not a bad thing as it simply compliments the Tesla Model 3. The reduction in drag is noticeable once the spoiler is installed and it improves the rear tire’s grip on the highway as well.

If squeezing those few extra miles out of your Tesla Model 3 EV is your thing, the MELIPRON will certainly help you with that. Although the MELIPRON comes with an adhesive that is no more or less better than most spoiler adhesives on the market, MELIPRON advises consumers to drill down into the trunk for installation.

Fortunately, the spoiler arrives with an installation guideline in case you aren’t familiar with spoilers and have never installed one before. Another thing to like about the MELIPRON spoiler is that it comes in 7 different variations for the Model 3.

A couple of their spoiler offerings are also designed for either the Tesla Model 3 or the Tesla Model Y as well. They don’t all look the same either, although they are all highly rated and just as effective. In other words, it’s more of a design choice rather than a functional one.

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Sporty look with dual-notchesNo carbon fiber option
Installs via adhesive or bolt-down methodsYou may have to bolt it down
Improves aerodynamics
Very affordable
Saves energy

Kingna Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

The Kingna Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler sports a similar design aesthetic to the Xipoo and the MELIPRON, with a wider center and the notched designs farther out, close to the edges. It has a slick, carbon fiber look, even though it is manufactured in high-grade ABS Plastic.

You can also opt for the gloss black look if the carbon fiber pattern just isn’t your thing. It’s a highly durable and well-rated spoiler that adheres well and offers the kind of functionality you expect from a spoiler—tighter balance, better grip, aerodynamic improvements, and energy savings.

According to Kingna, you should only install the spoiler with its accompanying adhesive when the temperature outside is above 50°F and should stay away from water or rain for an additional 48 hours after you install the spoiler.

The Kingna spoiler looks bigger in the pictures than it really is and it installs easily, however, for whatever reason, Kingna doesn’t ship the spoiler to your home with any kind of instructions or guide. You will have to figure out the installation by catching some YouTube videos.

You can either use the provided adhesive or bolt the spoiler to the trunk of the car. Be careful though. Unless you have experience with installing spoilers on the back of your car, you may not want to go with the bolt-down installation method.

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Sleek, carbon fiber or matte black aestheticDoesn’t come with instructions
Highly durable and long-lastingAdhesive leaves a bit to be desired
Saves on energy
Improves handling and performance

Shunyang Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

If you enjoy the low-profile but high-performance look, the Shunyang Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler is right up your alley. Like some of the others on this list, Shunyang markets their spoiler as being sold in carbon fiber or matte black.

Of course, that’s just an aesthetic thing, marketed in terms of looks rather than material. The rear spoiler itself is manufactured from high-grade ABS Plastic. It’s a tough spoiler, impact-resistant, and long-lasting.

It ships with 3M adhesive tape and 3M doesn’t make the best adhesives in the world, so you might consider upgrading to something with a little more strength. Shunyang advises consumers to thoroughly clean and dry the application area and to ensure that the ambient temperature outside is above 68°F.

A hairdryer is more than enough to handle this if you make your purchase in the middle of winter and don’t want to wait. The Shunyang Spoiler is one of the most lightweight on the market but installs, holds, and performs very well.

You can expect improved aerodynamics, better grip on the rear tires, and savings on energy for those long, out-of-the-way trips or vacations. Despite its low profile, the Shunyang spoiler looks great and improves the Model 3’s overall sporty aesthetic. Best of all, it’s an affordable option that comes with all of the functionality you would expect.

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Low profile, sporty aestheticAdhesive is a mixed bag
High durability
Improves performance
Very affordable

ThinSGO Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

Not much separates the ThinSGO Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler and the Shunyang, at least in terms of appearance. They both sport the same design aesthetic for those who appreciate the low-profile design and the sportier, is a tad luxurious aesthetic.

The ThinSGO really separates itself from the rest of the pack in that its adhesive is long-lasting and you don’t get the expected lift on the ends of the spoiler 6 months after gluing it down for the first time.

It’s an effective spoiler in terms of performance as well, improving the overall handling of the Model 3 with a solid rear grip, less wind resistance, and improvements in energy performance over the long haul.

The ThinSGO highly resembles the original spoiler released by Tesla—the one that costs $800. Its also made of real carbon fiber, making it the first genuine carbon fiber rear spoiler on our list. The carbon fiber only comes in one finish, which is the typical look of carbon fiber.

Of course, that does drive the price up a bit and the ThinSGO will run you around $180, which still sounds worlds better than $800. Even though it ships with 3M adhesive tape (which isn’t always the best under any circumstances), the combination o the spoiler design and the 3M seem to get along with each other quite well.

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Made of real carbon fiberNot much separates it aesthetically from other variations
Affordable considering the material
Excellent performance improvement
East to install
Long-lasting adhesive

AeroBon Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler

Another real carbon fiber spoiler on our list, the AeroBon Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler is also the most expensive rear spoiler on our list so far, commanding a $190 to $240 price point, depending on which version of the four offered spoilers you choose to go with.

AeroBon has 4 rear spoilers for the Model 3, each with its own aesthetic but virtually all the same in terms of overall performance. Fortunately, all of these spoilers are compatible with all of the Model 3s from 2017 to 2022.

Two of them come with standard, wing designs, slick and seamless from one end to the other. The other two include the dual notches, one more severe-looking than the other. The spoiler comes with double-sided automotive tape that AeroBon claims are more than enough and that no drilling is necessary.

The AeroBon includes a coating of acrylic UV protection. You won’t have to worry about any kind of fading in the long term. The AeroBon does a great job of improving the rear tire grip on the highway, improving aerodynamics and balance, and reducing energy consumption.

One of the best parts about the AeroBon is that you have multiple choices and not just in terms of either going with black or carbon fiber looks. It just allows for a little more personalization rather than just two color shades.

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More choices in designSome of the choices are more expensive than others
Effective performance improvements
Real carbon fiber
Acrylic UV protective coating
Affordable, depending on design

Tesla (Official) Model 3 Rear Spoiler

Of course, we couldn’t make a “best Tesla Model 3 Rear Spoiler” list without including Tesla’s very own Tesla Genuine Spoiler. We’ve made it pretty clear that this is easily the most expensive option out of the entire lineup. However, is it in any way worth the money?

Well, the fitting is included in the price, which means that the Tesla Model 3 Spoiler is installed for you by Tesla, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out the adhesive tape yourself. Like the last two, it’s a real carbon fiber material and it certainly looks the part.

It’s also pretty low profile and doesn’t separate itself aesthetically from anything else on this list. Fortunately, it is very lightweight at only .81lbs. Out of all of the above options on our list, the Tesla Genuine Spoiler is the easiest to install because it comes with the price of the Tesla. Or, you can get it installed by making an appointment with Tesla.

There are some reports out there that this particular spoiler has the same problem as all spoilers that are installed with an adhesive—it has problems staying put. The best part about this spoiler is that it checks all of the improvement boxes, including better grip, more energy, better balance, and better aerodynamics.

In terms of looks, you only get one choice as well, which is the carbon fiber look that everyone expects to come with a carbon fiber rear spoiler.



High performanceVery expensive
Very lightweight
Streamlined and low-profile
Tesla installs it for you
Real carbon fiber

Tesla Model 3 Spoiler Buyer’s Guide

Does a Model 3 spoiler do anything special?

It’s not just an aesthetic thing. A good spoiler on your Model 3 will improve your car’s handling and performance and, best of all, it will also save you some energy as the miles go by. A good spoiler is more than just an aftermarket visual tune up and it shows.

A solid spoiler improves drag on the Model 3, as well as improving stability because of the downforce that a rear spoiler provides. So long as it’s not some cheap knockoff, you will see noticeable improvements in the vehicle’s handling.

Does a spoiler improve the range of a Model 3?

While it’s not going to be some drastic and radical change to the overall mileage you expect out of a model 3, it does improve the range. With a more streamlined and reduced wind resistance, including better traction, the mileage you get between charges will improve.

Some pundits will point to the downforce that the spoiler creates, elaborating on how much that will decrease the range but that’s usually not the case, depending on the spoiler.

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with a spoiler?

No, the Tesla Model 3 won’t come with a spoiler unless you specifically order it. At a car lot, you simply have the choice of what’s on the lot. However, you can order from Tesla and request the spoiler add-on if you don’t mind spending the extra $800.

Also, Tesla offers a service for installing the Tesla Genuine Spoiler. All you have to do is contact customer service, set up an appointment date, and bring the car in. Tesla will install the rear spoiler for you at the same charge of $800.

Difference Between a carbon fiber and plastic spoiler

The primary difference starts with materials. Carbon fiber is a very lightweight and highly durable polymer, while ABS Plastic is a more common, thermoplastic polymer. Carbon fiber is more lightweight than ABS and it is far stronger.

You’re far less likely to see an impact dent in a carbon fiber spoiler than you will in an ABS Plastic spoiler. However, that doesn’t mean that ABS Plastic is not a solid and durable choice, because it is. It just can’t match carbon fiber when it comes to lightweight durability.

Does Tesla offer an official aftermarket spoiler?

Tesla’s Genuine Spoiler, number 10 on our list of best Model 3 spoilers, is Tesla’s lone aftermarket spoiler offering. It’s kind of a misnomer, considering the fact that you can order your Tesla model and trim while requesting that Tesla include the spoiler during the purchase process.

However, for the most part, this is only for post-purchase. You can order the Model 3 spoiler at any time and set up an appointment for Tesla to install it. Of course, any body shop worth its weight can also install it for you, but Tesla generally reserves that right since they won’t ship it directly to you.