How Do I Watch Sky Through a Projector

With high definition and 4K capable projectors becoming more and more available on the market, at ever-decreasing prices, you may be asking yourself “Can I watch Sky through my TV through a projector”.  The answer is yes you can!

At TechChiller, we’ve therefore written the ultimate guide on how to watch Sky through a projector.  We’ll guide you on everything you need to know and consider to do this.  Read on…

Given the huge range of connectivity options on almost all modern projectors, there are many ways to connect devices to these.  This guide will explore all options available to connect your Sky Q or Sky Go app to a projector.

Connecting a Sky Q box to a projector

Most cable TV boxes have a few options when it comes to displaying content to an external device such as a projector or TV.  When it comes to connecting a cable TV box to a projector, there are two main things to consider; these are video and sound.

Let’s discuss the issue of the video first.  Usually, there are two video outputs from a cable TV box – HDMI or Composite.

Connecting a Sky Q box to a projector via HDMI

All modern projectors will come with at least an HDMI port.  HDMI is a fantastic technology as it allows you to transfer 4K video along with crystal clear sound, all in one cable.

If your Sky Q box supports 4K or UHD playback, you will need to ensure that your projector is HDMI 1.4, 2.0, or 2.1 compatible.  Please check the manufacturer’s website for this.

Please note that some content may only be visible via the projector if your projector supports HDCP 2.  Please check your projector manufacturer’s website for details.

To watch Sky on a projector via HDMI carry out the following:

  1. Switch on your projector.
  2. Change the Source on the projector so that it is HDMI.
  3. Insert your HDMI capable device into the HDMI port on the back of the projector.
  4. Power on the Sky Q box.
  5. Select your favorite TV show or Hollywood blockbuster and sit back and relax!

Sound considerations

Although HDMI cables do allow the transmission of an audio signal as well as a video signal, there are still some considerations to make regarding sound, especially if you are planning on using the internal speakers to a projector.

Let’s look at each of the three considerations.

Inbuilt projector speakers

As you are using HDMI cabling to connect your cable TV box to your projector, you also get the added benefit of this cable delivering sound to your projector.  By default, your projector will playback the sound signal to you via the internal speaker system.

This is by far the easiest and most straight forward speaker setup.

The downside to this is that as a general rule, inbuilt projector speakers are pretty poor.  They are often below somewhere between 2W and 8W in power.  The volume levels obtained through such a speaker are pretty poor however if you aren’t trying to fill a large living room with a deep, rich sound, this might be sufficient.

Some projectors do come with dual 10W stereo speakers which do improve the quality significantly.

Inbuilt speakers are also quite tinny in sound quality as they lack a subwoofer to give the unit some bass.

All things considered though, projector speakers are ok as long as you aren’t too fussy about sound quality.


Soundbars by their very nature are much more capable devices in delivering great sound quality for cable TV boxes when compared to inbuilt projector speakers.  They come with a range of different speakers to deliver a rich, well-balanced sound to your living room or bedroom.

The only thing to note is to check what sound outputs you have available on the pack of the Sky Q box.  Once you have done that you will need to see if you have a corresponding port available on the soundbar.

Perhaps the best options though would be to use an HDMI ARC or optical cable to and from both devices.  These deliver the highest quality sound.  Optical cable ports have been common for decades whereas HDMI ARC is a relatively new technology.

Although HDMI ARC ports look exactly the same as normal HDMI ports, they usually have the letters ARC next to the port to denote if it is indeed an HDMI ARC port.

External speakers

Another great way of delivering sound when playing back Sky to your projector is by using an existing set of external speakers that are within your living room or bedroom.  Perhaps you already have a HiFi that has a spare optical port?

This would be a great solution for giving you high-quality sound at no additional expense. 

Simply, plug in the cable, switch on the HiFi, select the source, and away you go!

Why Can’t I Watch Sky on My Projector?

There are a number of reasons that might be preventing you from playing your TV through your projector.  Below we explore some of the main ways of troubleshooting and resolving these problems.

You’ll be back to enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies in no time!

Sky Q Won’t Connect to my projector

If you are trying to play live TV via a Sky Q box, please go through the following steps to resolve the problem.

  1. Switch off your Sky Q and power it back on.
  2. Switch on your projector.
  3. Change the Source on the projector so that it is set to the input that you have wired into the projector from your Sky Q box i.e HDMI.
  4. Check that all cables are firmly plugged into both devices.
  5. Check that the coaxial cable from your Sky dish is firmly plugged in.
  6. If you have a spare TV within the house, try plugging the Sky Q box into this to see if you get a signal.  If you do, then the issue must be with the projector.  If you don’t get a signal, then the issue maybe with the Sky Q box or cabling itself.
  7. Try changing one of the cables with a spare.
  8. Is the HDMI cable more than 50 meters long.  HDMI works best at under 50 feet.
  9. Is your projector HDCP 2.2 compatible?  Check this on the manufacturer’s website.  HDCP is used to prevent digitally encrypted media from being bootlegged to devices that it shouldn’t be.

Can’t Stream Sky Go Through My Projector

Unfortunately, Sky Go can’t be streamed from a phone or tablet to another device.  Sky provide this content for the sole purpose of viewing it on a mobile device and therefore apply copy protection to their TV shows and movies.

The Sky Go app is clever enough to know that you are trying to stream the content via another means even if it is via Apple AirPlay or via a physical medium such as a mini HDMI cable.

Apparently, it is possible to stream content from Sky Go to Chromecast devices via mirroring if you live in New Zealand.  At TechChiller, we weren’t able to test this but it might be worth trying if you do indeed live in New Zealand.